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Antique slot machines, like Tiffany glass, are highly valued by collectors as superb examples of period art. Experts estimate that only a few thousand of these machines, made between 1885 and 1965, still exist. High demand and limited supply create ideal investment conditions. These machines also make unique gifts.

Squires and Corrie Slot Machines, Inc. is the world's premier supplier of classic antique slot machines. All machines are beautifully restored, hand finished and in perfect working order. Sold with a written guarantee.

Steve Squires's involvement in slot machines started while he was barely a teenager. He went to work for a pinball machine operator in Chicago. His work put him into contact with many people who had slot machines. He soon began traveling to the South fixing and selling slot machines to Veterans and other private fraternal Clubs.

Steve Squires has hit the jackpot with his one-of-a kind antique slot machine restoration and refurbishing business. It all started when he obtained a large supply of spare operating parts and casings while working as a slot machine repairman in the Southeast. Squires trucked the parts to California where the California law legalizing the collecting of slot machines was passed , which allow private ownership of slot machines manufactured 25 years or older. Steve Squires and Glen Corrie, a long-time Chicago partner, established the present business in San Mateo since 1977.

Not all of Steve's products are for American collector. An increasing number of the old slot machines are now sold to overseas customers; Steve is one of the few people involved in the conversion of American-coined slot machines to accept Deutschmarks, Shillings and other foreign coins.

The world's most expensive slot machine,1 MILLION DOLLARS, restored by Steve Squires of SQUIRES & CORRIE SLOT MACHINE,INC. It was a 100% gold filled Caille NUDE FRONT with diamonds and encrusted jewels throughout. Gem encrusted by internationally known jewelry designer SIDNEY MOBELL, of San Francisco, with 818 Gem Stones, 317 Saphires, 302 Rubies, 183 Diamonds & 16 Emeralds.

The company not only repairs slot machines but also sells them. He has many mechanisms cases and parts for sale. It is located just South of San Francisco and a nickel's throw from fashionable Hillsborough, home of the William Randolph Hearst family and other noted (and wealthy) American families. ED MAHON, the company's graphic arts manager, does all the artwork and fine painting required in the restoration of antique slot machines. Ed is a graduate of New York's Phoenix School of Design.

Steve Squires is a unique person. He looks forward to coming to work early every day. And he stays late. In contrast, he asks from those in his employ only that they produce the best possible jobs; there is no time limit. One look at his products show what can be accomplished under these rules.


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